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1st prize, ESO, IV English Literaty Contest

I wake up earlier than usual. Something is happening in the house. I hear my wife shouting in the kitchen and my dog barking a lot. I don’t know why I can’t open my eyes but I smell chloroform, so I think I’m drugged.

I go out of the bedroom and I’m staggering. I go to my children’s bedroom, but I can’t see them. I fall down the stairs; I can’t see anyone. I see lots of broken things and some blood on the floor… I faint…

-Honey, are you OK? How are you??

I heard a woman voice.

When I opened my eyes I saw her and some doctors around me. I was on an examining couch, with a dressing on my head.

-Where am I? And… who are you – I looked at the woman surprised.

-Doctor, he doesn’t remember me!! What happened?- she started to cry.

The doctor looked at me and told me what had happened: I was in my house with the woman in the room (my wife, I guess) and I fell down the stairs. After hitting my head, I forgot everything in my life, so I had amnesia. He told me that, gradually, I would recover my memory. After two days, I went back to my house with my “wife”.

I was living in that situation, with her, but I couldn’t answer some questions… Where was my family? Where did I work?… I was suspicious. Helen (my “wife”) told me that I was unemployed, and my parents were dead. I believed her, because that was the only thing I could do.

One day, I was having breakfast, when a dog came in the kitchen. Helen shouted and took a broom. The dog started to bark and I recognized it. It was Wolf!! I stopped my wife and hugged Wolf. I could recognize it!

-I don’t like animals. I don’t like dogs! – Helen said.

-But it’s my dog! It’s our dog! – I replied.

-No, we don’t have dogs… you must be wrong.


-I want this dog out of my house!! I have to go shopping now, but when I come back I don’t want to see it! – she said.

When she went out, I hid Wolf in the basement. I was so surprised, because I remembered it and I knew that it was mine, but I didn’t understand my wife’s reaction…

Ten minutes later, someone called at the door. I opened it and saw an old woman with a picture of Wolf. She was looking for it.

-James!! Oh God, you’re alive!! How are you honey??- she said very excited.

-Excuse me? Who are you? Sorry, maybe I know you but I have amnesia, so… – I explained.

-What? What happened? I’m your mother!!- she said.

-What!? No, I think my mother is not alive…is she?- I asked surprised.

-C’mon. Look!- she showed me a photo of my family: me, my children, my parents, my wife…- This is your family. Who are you with?

-Wait! I remember this photo and… yes! Mum!! I’m living with a woman who says that is my wife, but she’s not- I shouted.

-We have to call the police!- my mother said.

Finally, we called the police and they arrested Helen. She was part of a swindler group and they had kidnapped my family. They wanted to get our money and then, they would kill us.

When everything was finished, I met my real wife (Rosalyn) and my children. We moved to another place next to my parents’ house, with Wolf.

Gradually, I recovered my memory.


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