Posted by: lorelb | 29/05/2012

Antonio Salas

‘El Palestino’ is a well-known book all over the world. It was written by Antonio Salas and was published in 2010. It was his most dangerous investigation because he infiltrated in international terrorism network with a hidden camera. For this investigation he learned their language, the Coran and he even changed his face to look like a Palestinian person. He spent six years in this investigation, fearing being discovered.

A few years ago, he published other books. In 2003, ‘Diario de un Skin’, in which he became a skinhead for a year with neo-nazi groups in Madrid. He became one of them, with a hidden camera too. Because of this, he was nearly discovered by a Skin woman. With the publication of his book, he had to run away from Spain for his own security because he received a lot of threats of death.

He made another investigation in which he was infiltrated in a prostitution network, ‘El año que trafiqué con mujeres’. He spent one year at the network and this book contributes to some extent to give key information.

Salas hides his identity, his face and his voice because he is afraid of all these skins, terrorists and all the people who are mentioned in his books, who can kill him, but a lot of people think that he did it to sell more books and he’s a lier. Nowadays we don’t know anything about him.



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