Posted by: amairgin | 23/05/2012

How will Flashback finish?

Write an exciting and interesting end for our story. Please, read Flashback and comment on this post your ideas for an end.


  1. Kathy and Bob find a letter from the beast that says that he was a man called Charles, but a witch cast a spell on him and now he needs their help to become human again.

  2. When Kathy and Bob were looking the necklace the beast appeared behind of them and ate both without chewing.

  3. Suddenly the necklace started to burn and disapeared. Nobody found it.

  4. While Bob and Kathy were looking at the necklace, the beast appeared and they had to kill him in an incredible tremendous final battle.

  5. Bob gave the necklace to Kathy and he went with his family out of the city, a few days later Bob saw in the news that Kathy was dead.

  6. Kathy putted the necklace, and the beast transformed in a man, and Kathy transformed in the beast.

  7. I thinking about what happened when i remembered that tje cecklue was of the my litle son´s dog.
    three months ago he lost this dog and it was mutated.
    I went to the police officie and the police detected the mutate dog with the chip and it was in the forest.Then the police went to forest and they killed it

  8. Finally, Bill and Katty come to the attic and gave the neckclake to the monster and he desapeared.


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