Posted by: LuCHy | 20/05/2012

A nightmare!



                            Subject: A nightmare!

Hi, Kate,

Well, I’m finally here in London, but the journey was very long! I arrived at the airport yesterday at eight o’clock in the morning, but when I got there, my flight was delayed six hours, so I had to wait for a very long time.

At twelve o’clock I tried to speak to the person in charge but it was impossible because there were a lot of people, so I was angry and hungry! Then I had a good idea. I could go out and eat something. After that I returned to the airport. The plane finally took off at one o’clock, an hour less! On the plane, I thought everything was fine and then the person next to me talked and talked. That made me really angry, so I couldn’t sleep.    What a nigthmare! I’m trying to get some sleep now.

Speak to you soon,



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