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AC/DC, from Bars to Stars

 AC/DC was formed by the Young brothers, Malcolm and Angus, in late 1973. Angus, who has reached the most visible position thanks to his guitar art, and Malcom emigrated from Scotland to Australia and decided to form their own band. They have remained the sole constant members in the band.

The legend has it that the first concert by AC/DC was at the Chequers Club, Sydney, Australia, on New Year’s Eve 1973. The line was Dave Evans, Larry Van Knedt, Colin Burgess and the Young brothers Angus and Malcolm.

Later, the band had some changes. In late 1974 the decision was taken to replace Dave Evans with a new singer by the name of Bon Scott. Bon’s real name was Ronald Belford Scott, and he was currently working as a chauffeur to the band.

In 1975, they produced a new album, with Bon firmly at the helm. This time some hits couldn’t be published. The album would however be released world wide following Bon Scott’s death.

This is the first group of artists who joined the band.

AC/DC’s high voltage rock and roll has flowed out into world via consistently sold-out concerts tours. This group remains the most formidable guitar team in rock history.

One of the group’s best works is the huge hit and influential, Back in Black, with sales in excess of 22 million copies in the United States, and is the U.S.’s fifth largest-selling album ever.

One of the most popular songs in this album is this one:



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