Posted by: cvisualgg | 09/05/2012

Flashback 10

-I’m going to tell you all I have seen, but you mustn’t laugh at me, please -said the girl nervously.

-Yes, you can trust me. Now, tell me what happened -I said seriously to the girl.

-Last week I came to this village, because I’m doing a survey about recycling and pollution in this region. Last Wednesday, in the morning, I knocked at this door -said the girl pointing at the dead family’s door- nobody opened the door, so I tried again… knock knock…I heard a strange noise and I looked in through the window. I saw a shadow, the place was very dark but I could see two small and bright things that looked like two eyes of fire. I was very frightened, so I decided to go to the village tavern. There were a lot of people, so I asked them if they had heard or seen anything strange in this house.

-What did they answer? -I interrupted her.

-They said that they had never seen or heard anything odd. I continued doing the recycling surveys, and when it got dark I returned here to investigate what was happening in this house…

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