Posted by: pedropear | 03/05/2012

Flashback 6

I told my family that we had to stay some more time at my parents house because the animal was still free and alive. Then, my father and I went to the city to buy a shotgun. When we found the gun store it was already six o’clock. The seller was a shy man about sixty years old that looked at us with bad face. Luckily my father had the gun license in order and we could finish quickly. But it was too late and we decided to go to my father’s house for dinner and sleep and the next day we would go to my house to kill the animal with the shotgun that we had bought.

Next morning we got up early, we wanted to get rid of the animal as soon as posible. My father and I had breakfast quickly and we drove to my house. When we were approaching it we could see a lot of ravens flying arround my house and I started to worry. In the house we saw ravage in all the rooms. The kitchen window was open and the ravens were eating all the food that was scattered on the floor. I was really frightened and I thought that my father was too… I could see dark hair on the floor.

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