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Bicycles for Cuba

Hi! My name is Juan. I’m from Coruña. I am going to tell a story about me and a beautiful country called Cuba.
Seven years ago, I was at my bar, when two men entered the bar. They were my new neighbours, They were coming to introduce themselves. Their names were Pablo and Jose, they were from Cuba. We became really good friends soon. Some time later, Pablo and Jose invited me to visit Cuba. I accepted immediately. They asked me to lend them only the essentials and a bicycle. ‘A Bicycle?’ ‘Yes, we will go for a ride around the country. We do that whenever we go to Cuba, It’s fun.’
When we arrived in Cuba, I looked at the landscape. It was beautiful. First, we went to visit their families, they were so friendly. But we could not spend the night with their families, it was forbidden. That surprised me, but unfortunately that was not the only meaningless law in the country. The myth of communism fell when I reached Cuba. In my opinion, if Che Guevara saw Cuba today he would feel disappointed. On the other hand, I must say that people are much happier in Cuba than in Europe. In fact, everything is different.
Well, the next morning, we started our riding route. I was impressed that people offered me large sums of money for my bike. That’s when I started to think, ‘Why not founding an NGO to distribute bicycles in Cuba?’
When I returned to Spain I set to it, with the help of some friends, we got people to donate small amounts of money with which to buy a lot of bikes.
On my second trip to Cuba I decided to distribute them ourselves for fear of their being resold. Years later we managed to take our organization to other countries and we intend to continue our expansion.
Are you willing to help?


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