Posted by: mn96 | 30/04/2012

Flashback 5

– Did you free a a wolf in my attic? Are you mad? – I said to my father really angry

– Please be not angry, my son, the wolf had been domesticated by me for years, although he is now dead, as the rats are and all of us will be, if we don’t do anything to stop the assasin wild animal – said my father.

– OK, you’re right, but what about your description? Is it bigger than a grizzly bear? That’s  enormous, more than any animal that can live in my attic eating only rats.

– I saw the animal and I’m not lying, it is the most dangerous animal I’ve never seen.

– We must plan something to kill that creature.

– Maybe if we had a shotgun we could kill that monster.

– That’s a good idea, we must buy a shotgun and then enter the attic to kill that monster.

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