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Flashback 4

That evening I went to have dinner with my wife, Max and Paul (my other son) to my parents house and, then, I talked to my father in private to ask him for his advice:

-You and your family must sleep in my house and I will go now to your house and see what is happening in the attic and kill the animal that has caused those strange noises.

-But, dad, I can go and help you because I think that it is a dangerous animal. There was a lot of blood on the floor!

-No, you must stay with your sons and with your wife, I have a great plan to kill that animal.

-What is that plan? Can you tell me?

-No, Bobby, but you must come to your house tomorrow morning.

-OK, dad, but I think it is a bad idea that you go to my house on your own.

I complied with my dad’s demand and I went to sleep and my wife and sons did the same.

Next morning, I went to my house on my own. I was starting to open the door when, all of a sudden, my father opened the door very fast and then he closed it. He was very terrified and he told me:

-My great plan didn’t work. The wolf that I took to the attic is now dead. It’s completly mutilated.

-What are you talking about dad?

-I saw him, Bobby, I saw the animal and it was bigger than a grizzly bear.

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