Posted by: aaalvaaarooo | 23/04/2012

Flashback 2

-What’s happening dad? Why are you so surprised? -asked Max.

-Don’t worry, Max! There are many rats here, some dead and others injured, but I have a solution. I think that there is a wild animal that is killing and eating rats, so we have to capture it. If you want, you can come with me this afternoon and we’ll buy a cage. Then we will put some rats in it, so that the animal can come in but won’t go out.

Next night, at 4 a.m all the family heard a great noise. At that moment me and Max got up and we went to the attic. We opened the trapdoor and we saw the rats were not in the cage. The trap had failed so we had to think of a new plan.

We both returned to bed thinking: “tomorrow is another day.”

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