Posted by: albaa18 | 21/04/2012

Could you live without television for a week?

Most people usually watch TV two or three hours everyday. If those people watched programmes like documentaries, news… it would be a good idea to watch TV that number of hours, but a lot of those people watch other programmes that don’t improve their brain. Nowadays, in our society, children enjoy cartoons that are broadcasted on TV and they could be all day watching TV and without learning anything that could be interesting for their minds.

On the other hand, I don’t think that these people could live without the TV shows, without the comedies and the TV films, but I think that a person who has a lot of work or activities to do could perfectly live without this machine. Sometimes it is more interesting to go for a walk than to be watching silly things on a screen.


  1. In my opinion this post isn’t very realistic. Television is very important in our lives.


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