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Today is a beautiful morning!! The sun is shining in the sky and the birds are singing a lot. I come to the kitchen and my wife has the breakfast done. I kiss her and my children come.

-Good morning boys, how are you today? –says my wife.

-We’re fine mum. We couldn’t sleep because we heard some strange noises on the attic, so we are so tired…

-Strange noises? Agh, maybe there are rats!! Bob, you have to go up there and look!! –says my wife.

-Okay, I’m going to look right now… –I say.

I go to the attic with Max (one of my children) behind me. When I open the trapdoor I see something unusual… there is a lot of blood on the floor and on the walls!! Suddenly, the light goes out and Max screams…

“Good morning everyone, it’s seven o’clock! You are listening to…”

I opened my eyes and I looked at the clock. It was seven o’clock and I was in bed! So everything was a really strange dream…

I went to the kitchen and my wife had the breakfast done. I kissed her; my children came.

-Good morning boys, how are you today?- said my wife.

-We’re fine mum. We couldn’t sleep because we heard some strange noises on the attic, so we are so tired…

I looked at Max very surprised. It was everything like a flashback, because I had lived everything before…  but in my dream.

-Strange noises? Agh, maybe there are rats!! Bob, you have to go up there and look!! –said my wife.

Wait a minute, I lived this before… I promise, I have just dreamt something like that!

-Bob, are you OK? You are so… different this morning –said my wife.

-Oh, yes… I’m OK. I’m going to go to the attic right now; Max, do you want to come with me?

-Sure –he said.

Before I opened the trapdoor I said “There is a lot of blood on the floor… haha”, but when I opened the trapdoor my face became pale and I was really scared… there was a lot of blood on the floor…

My son looked at me so frightened…

[by airam14]

-What’s happening dad? Why are you so surprised? -asked Max.

-Don’t worry, Max! There are many rats here, some dead and others injured, but I have a solution. I think that there is a wild animal that is killing and eating rats, so we have to capture it. If you want, you can come with me this afternoon and we’ll buy a cage. Then we will put some rats in it, so that the animal can come in but won’t go out.

Next night, at 4 a.m all the family heard a great noise. At that moment me and Max got up and we went to the attic. We opened the trapdoor and we saw the rats were not in the cage. The trap had failed so we had to think of a new plan.

We both returned to bed thinking: “tomorrow is another day.”

[by aaalvaaarooo]

Today I got up at half past six and I had a shower. This moring I must go to work at the fire station and the children have to go to school, but my wife doesn’t have to go to work today. She is not working at the moment because she is pregnant.

I think I won’t go to the fire station and I’ll go to my parents house and talk to my family because I’m very frightened. Last night Max asked me about the rats in the attic but I didn’t say anything… At this moment my father is shouting in the kitchen.

[by andresjuju]

That evening I went to have dinner with my wife, Max and Paul (my other son) to my parents house and, then, I talked to my father in private to ask him for his advice:

-You and your family must sleep in my house and I will go now to your house and see what is happening in the attic and kill the animal that has caused those strange noises.

-But, dad, I can go and help you because I think that it is a dangerous animal. There was a lot of blood on the floor!

-No, you must stay with your sons and with your wife, I have a great plan to kill that animal.

-What is that plan? Can you tell me?

-No, Bobby, but you must come to your house tomorrow morning.

-OK, dad, but I think it is a bad idea that you go to my house on your own.

I complied with my dad’s demand and I went to sleep and my wife and sons did the same.

Next morning, I went to my house on my own. I was starting to open the door when, all of a sudden, my father opened the door very fast and then he closed it. He was very terrified and he told me:

-My great plan didn’t work. The wolf that I took to the attic is now dead. It’s completly mutilated.

-What are you talking about dad?

-I saw him, Bobby, I saw the animal and it was bigger than a grizzly bear.

[by jaimelugo96]

– Did you free a a wolf in my attic? Are you mad? – I said to my father really angry

– Please be not angry, my son, the wolf had been domesticated by me for years, although he is now dead, as the rats are and all of us will be, if we don’t do anything to stop the assasin wild animal – said my father.

– OK, you’re right, but what about your description? Is it bigger than a grizzly bear? That’s  enormous, more than any animal that can live in my attic eating only rats.

– I saw the animal and I’m not lying, it is the most dangerous animal I’ve never seen.

– We must plan something to kill that creature.

– Maybe if we had a shotgun we could kill that monster.

– That’s a good idea, we must buy a shotgun and then enter the attic to kill that monster.

[by mn96]

I told my family that we had to stay some more time at my parents house because the animal was still free and alive. Then, my father and I went to the city to buy a shotgun. When we found the gun store it was already six o’clock. The seller was a shy man about sixty years old that looked at us with bad face. Luckily my father had the gun license in order and we could finish quickly. But it was too late and we decided to go to my father’s house for dinner and sleep and the next day we would go to my house to kill the animal with the shotgun that we had bought.

Next morning we got up early, we wanted to get rid of the animal as soon as posible. My father and I had breakfast quickly and we drove to my house. When we were approaching it we could see a lot of ravens flying arround my house and I started to worry. In the house we saw ravage in all the rooms. The kitchen window was open and the ravens were eating all the food that was scattered on the floor. I was really frightened and I thought that my father was too… I could see dark hair on the floor.

[by pedropear]

shadowSuddenly the ravens became nervous and hundreds and hundreds started to fly in through the window, we started to run out of there and went to the living room. We stopped in the middle, it looked as if the ravens had disappeared.

-Thank God! – I thought, but a strange noise started to come towards us, stronger and stronger. We stood there, without moving, without breathing… but when we realised… it was too late, a black shadow pounced on my father and I could see and feel, how his head was pulled off his body leaving it totally lifeless and bloody.

[by jorgeman18]

I did not know what to do, my father had the weapon and I could not take it with that animal there. I stayed on the site. The monster looked at me. His eyes were red like fire. His hair was black as coal and his claws like knives. I could see his teeth full of blood. The monster looked at me. He ran towards me, but he jumped over me and went out through the window.
Then I called emergencies. I told them what had happened, but they did not believe that there was a monster.
A few days later, my family and I were at my parent’s house and we were watching the news on TV. In a house in a nearby town, a girl had found a dead family…

[by elisatiririri]

Had the beast killed that family? – I thought.
In my opinion, the beast hadn’t killed that family, but that wasn’t impossible. I thought in my family and I was frightened. I bought a firearm at a gunsmith’s to protect my family. I got in my car and I went to the village where the beast had killed that family.
At first, I looked for the girl that had found the dead family and I found the girl, but she wouldn’t talk.
– Why you don’t you talk to me?- I said.
– Because the police don’t talk to me, people think that I am mad – said the girl.
– But, I will believe, please, you… you have to help – I said.
– Ok – said the girl.

[by jamustang]

-I’m going to tell you all I have seen, but you mustn’t laugh at me, please -said the girl nervously.

-Yes, you can trust me. Now, tell me what happened -I said seriously to the girl.

-Last week I came to this village, because I’m doing a survey about recycling and pollution in this region. Last Wednesday, in the morning, I knocked at this door -said the girl pointing at the dead family’s door- nobody opened the door, so I tried again… knock knock…I heard a strange noise and I looked in through the window. I saw a shadow, the place was very dark but I could see two small and bright things that looked like two eyes of fire. I was very frightened, so I decided to go to the village tavern. There were a lot of people, so I asked them if they had heard or seen anything strange in this house.

-What did they answer? -I interrupted her.

-They said that they had never seen or heard anything odd. I continued doing the recycling surveys, and when it got dark I returned here to investigate what was happening in this house…

[by cvisualgg]

-When I returned -she said- I looked through the window and I saw a body on the floor, it was a girl. She couldn’t be sleeping on the floor and in that position. I was very scared, but I thought that she could have died from natural causes… but she hadn’t, because I saw some blood on the floor next to her, so I decided to go into the house.

– But you were you alone? and you went into the house?

– Yes, it was in the evening and there wasn’t anybody to call…

– But did you go into the house?!

-I did.

-And what did you see?

[by aalvaroo]

– I saw the body of the girl and a lot of blood on the floor and the blood on the floor went up the stairs and I decided to go up the stairs, in the rooms I saw a lot of blood and in one of the rooms I saw two bodies on the bed, an old man with black hair and open blue eyes and an old woman with brown hair, the two bodies had blood on them, I went out of the house very fast because I was scared. The monster that killed the family is very dangerous… – said the girl.

I decided to tell my story…

[by amieiro] 

I told her how one day my son had heard strange noises in the attic, how I had seen a lot of blood and the dead rats and finally how I saw the terrible monster kill my father…

The girl was very surprised but I could see in her eyes that she believed me. It was the first person who believed me, all the people thought that I was mad too.

Suddenly she told me…

– I have a great idea! Do you want to have a look at your family’s house with me? Maybe you can find some clue to find the monster. Please, take me to the house.

[by BelenEncabo]

Kathy and I went in to the car and on the way to my house, she told me that she was very scared for all this because she  had never seen anything like this before.

When we arrived to my house we entered quickly because we wanted to be out of there as soon as possible. We went to the attic and there Kathy found a strange thing that I had never seen before in my house. It seemed  something like a necklace and it had a name on it , that name was Charles… I did not understand what that name could mean but Kathy told me that she thought that this was the beast ‘s name and maybe the beast had had a human past.

Was it really possible that the beast had had a human past?

[by alexcassanchez]

The necklace went on fire and disappeared. A curtain that was near burned too. Kathy and I had to leave the house but the door wouldn’t open so we were caught. We took the decision to escape through the window to avoid  the fire. We went out and began to descend towards the garden but Kathy stumbled with a rock and fell unconscious. I managed to go d0wn and took her to a safe place. Soon after two ambulances arrived to cure our wounds and to have a happy end. 😉

[by aaalvaaarooo]



  1. I think that the history would finish so: Kathy and Bob find a book .In this book they read that Charles was a boy who was obsessed with kill all the wolfs of the zone. Charles disappeared and the family only found his eyes burned.The next day Bob heard in the news that a woman found the body of a death man naked and almost eaten by the wolfs the man had the sockets burned and without eyes

  2. Years ago, in that house lived a doctor who experimented with humans. One of his experiments, “Charles”, was wrong.
    Now “Charles” wanted to take revenge on “his” misfortune.

  3. Bob takes the necklake and he put it in his neck, becoming in a saber-toothed cat and whit Charles (another saber-toohed cat), they go to eat someone.


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