Posted by: beaad | 18/04/2012

Between different cultures

Nowadays students go on lots of school trips and receive grants to study abroad and come in touch with other cultures.

I believe we are very lucky because it is always good to meet people from other countries. If you are tolerant, a mixture of different people is always a benefit.

As I see it, knowing more about the customs of another country will give you a global vision of the world and I feel that learning something new is very satisfactory.

It seems to me that meeting people with different beliefs from mine is also good because it will give you a more open mind. In addition, perhaps this person can convince you and make you change your mind.

In conclusion I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of identities in the world and take advantage of it.


  1. I really agree with this post, because I think meeting other people and cultures is a great way to open your minds.

    • Thank you! This year we have enjoyed something similar together and it’s really interesting and funny. Do you agree?


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