Posted by: albaa18 | 22/03/2012

A Horrible School Trip

Last year, I was on a school trip to Sarria. On that school trip, we were in groups of four or five people more or less. Those groups had to find some places with a GPS and a map.

At first, the experience was really good, but then our group started to get lost and we appeared in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees. We had to be in front of Sarria high school at 11 o’clock but we were lost in the forest. We phoned the teacher because she could tell us what we had to do. When we managed to go out of that place an hour later, we phoned the teacher again, and she came with her car and gave us a lift to the school.

While we were lost we were frightened and we didn’t know what we had to do. We were very nervous too. Sometimes experiences that seem funny at the begining can become horrible experiences later.


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