Posted by: Marta Salgado Castelo | 20/03/2012

The most popular conversation

All around the world, we talk about a topic known by everybody. Personally, I believe that it is the most popular conversation between people who don’t know each other. It isn’t neccesary to have a special knowledge about it, that is, you needn’t be a scientist, an artist, an athlete, a teacher, etc.

Neither race would be a problem or age or sex; nor the place: a lift, a queue, a waiting room, everywhere you are.

It is clear that you know what I’m talking about… don’t you?… I’ll give you some more clues. This topic is the most awaited item on TV, specially in summer. Our holidays depend on it, as does nature, the clothes we wear and even our state of mind.

Now, I’m convinced that you know what the subject is. Yes, you are right! It’s THE WEATHER.


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