Posted by: beaad | 29/02/2012

Can we live without electricity?

Dear readers,
I heard on TV that some scientists believe that in some years there will be a storm that will leave us without electricity. For some days I’ve been wonderin: What would we do if we didn’t have technology or electricity?

Every day, since we get up we are surrounded by electronic devices: the radio, the computer, the mobile phone… But I think in an extreme case, we could live without those things.

The problem is can we really live without any kind of electricity? We would live without light and lamps, but we could light our houses with candles. We would live without a fridge, for preserving food; without a lift, for disabled people; without street lamps… and a lot of things that we are used to.

In medicine, for example, it would be very difficult to operate on someone. All our technological advances would disappear and our comforts with them.

I hope it will never happen because life without electricity would be very difficult.

An anonymous journalist


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