Posted by: aalvaroo | 29/02/2012

An Incredible Journey 9

I don’t really like that idea: I must be in hospital 3 days more… I thought in the woman who was prenant, would she be angry for 3 days? I don’t like being angry with a prenant woman, so I must be friendly with her.

The next day John woke up and he saw his grandma and his grandpa. His grandma asked him:

-How are you?

-I’m OK, I don’t know why I’m here…

-Come on, John I know you don’t like hospitals, but you must stay here.

-Yes, but I think that my room partner is angry with me, and I don’t really like this.

-Oh, I know, I talked to her this morning, and he has had a new baby!

click here to read the whole story


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