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An Incredible Journey 8

-Sorry, I made a mistake; I won’t disturb you ever again.

-Ok, but you have disturbed me, so now I’m very angry.

-Don’t worry; I think that tomorrow I won’t be here, so you can be calm.

-But today…

-Shut up, please! My grandmother is sleeping and we are disturbing her. You are pregnant and arguing isn’t good for your baby.

The pregnant girl was very angry, but she calmed down and she went to the café. I went to the bathroom, I started to have a pee and I could see that my pee was completely red. I called the doctor quickly and my grandmother woke up.

-What is happening now? She said.

I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t know what I had to say. I waited for the doctor. The doctor came in the room, he threw my grandmother out and he said to me:

-Don’t worry but we must do a urine test and we must wait for the results.

-So tomorrow I will still be here! I said a bit upset.

-Yes. You must probably stay in hospital for three or four days more.

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