Posted by: rosulandia | 27/02/2012

About me :)

I’m a funny communicative person from Lugo (Spain), but when I have a bad day I can be really unpleasant. My hobbies are swimming, playing chess and running with my dog. I love travelling around the world and visiting different countries. When I finish high school, I would like to go to piano classes. I usually listen to rock music, for example AC/DC, Guns N´Roses, Sum 41, Green Day, Europe and others, but I  also like other bands: Queen, The Eagles, Bryan Rice, James Blunt, Bon Jovi, The Beatles…
There are four people in my family: my parents, my sister and me, oh! and my pet Troco, he is a member of the family 😉
Living in Lugo has some advantages: it is a quiet city, the river is very beautiful and it is a perfect city to live.


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