Posted by: pedropear | 26/02/2012

An Incredible Journey 7

When I woke up  my grandmother was still sleeping in a sofa near my bed. I wanted to pee so I went towards the bathroom, but when I went in I was surprised, there was somebody using the toilet. He shouted something that I couldn’t undestand well and I went out of the bathroom quickly without looking at him. I had forgotten that I had a room partner. Incredibly my grandmother hadn’t awakened with the shout, she surely had spent a bad night in that filthy sofa and she hadn’t slept a lot. I was very embarrassed but I should apologize with my partner, so I waited until he came out of the bathroom. When he came out I was surprised, she was a girl about twenty years old, I was starting to apologize when she told me.

-Are you silly, guy?

I waited an unfriendly attitude but not so unfriendly. Also I hadn’t looked at  her. I didn’t know that she was a girl. She continued.

-Can’t you call before going in? Normal people can.

-Sorry, I didn’t know that I had a room partner.

-OK, you think that the whole hospital is yours, perfect.

Suddenly, I saw that she had something under her hospital gown. She was pregnant!

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