Posted by: BelenEncabo | 25/02/2012

An Incredible Journey 6

I was safe, I couldn’t believe it! I was finally with my grandparents!

Suddenly, my grandfather came in the room, he was very serious. He didn’t say anything, he sat down on the bed, near me and hugged  me. My grandmother started to cry in silence. They had been very worried because they thought that I was lost! My grandfather told me:

-Dear grandson, you had been very brave, you were alone in a strange city without money… but you did something wrong, you couldn’t steal! This is something terrible, you aren’t a thief! You should go to the police station and ask them, telling our names, they could have taken you home!

-Sorry, grandad… I didn’t know what to do, I was very frightened…

-It doesn’t matter, now you must rest. You must try to sleep and tomorrow we can go home, ok?

He kissed my forehead and went out of the room. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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