Posted by: lorelb | 21/02/2012

Il Doctore

I’m going to talk about my favourite motorbike pilot. He is called Valentino Rossi. He was born in 1987 in a little town in Italy, Urbino. His parents are Grazziano and Stefania.

He’s one of the nicest pilots, perhaps he’s the nicest. He always has a smile to the others and his way of speaking is really funny. For me, he is the perfect man, since I was a child I’ve always followed him. If I meet him, my dream will come true.

He started his career in kart racing, in Tavullia. In 1996 he began in 125 cc in motorbikes world championship with Aprilia Team. In this category, he won one of his nine championships. In 250 cc he won another championship but, clearly his best years were and are in Moto GP. He made his début with Honda Team. After a few years, he went to Yamaha and finally he went to Ducati, where he is right now. In Moto GP he won seven championships more, he’s the king in this world.

Many people think that when Vale wins his tenth championship he will finish his career, I hope that it isn’t true because motorbike races won’t be the same.

Last year, 2011, was clearly his worst year, specially because his friend, and other of my idols, Marco Simoncelli died in one of the races. He was involved in the accident. It was a great pain for him. All their fans think that now his Ducati will be ridden by two men, because Sic’s Spirit will be with him.

Considering he continues fighting for winning. ‘Il Doctore’ was, is and will be the best rider. We only have to see all his records to know it, and as he said once: ‘Se si pensa che sei il migliore già non può migliorare, se si vuole essere il migliore deve semore farlo’


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