Posted by: andrea1b | 20/02/2012

Will Smith, a star

Will Smith is one of the world’s best actors. He is admired for his friendliness. Will was born in 1968 in Philadelphia, USA. He is the second of four brothers, he saw his parents divorce when he was 13.

He started his career as a rapper, called “The Fresh Prince”, but he came to fame in 199o, with the TV program “The prince of Bel-Air”, in which he interpreted a young man that was very funny. It became very famous in Spain after succeeding in the USA.

He has made a lot of films too, for example:  Men in Black;  I, Robot;  I am Legend…

Besides, Smith has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, and has won some Grammy Awards.

Now, Will Smith is considered one of the most important actors in the world, and everybody hopes he will stay for long…

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