Posted by: BelenEncabo | 17/02/2012

Violadores del Verso.

Violadores del Verso, also known as Doble V,  are a Spanich rap music crew from Zaragoza made up of  three MCs : Kase-O, Lírico and Sho-Hai , and a DJ: R de Rumba.  In their first work, in 1998, there were five MCs, but Brutal (a DJ and Kase-O’s brother) left the group. In 1999, they published their first LP (Genios) but Brutal had just left the group, the record was a success, and they made their first video clip Máximo Exponente. They published a lot of CDs,  but none of them as important as Vivir para contarlo thas was published in 2006 and was awarded a Gold Record.

At the moment the group is inactive because the artists want to center in themselves but they’ll come back to stage soon, I wish.

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