Posted by: aalvaroo | 16/02/2012

Swan Fyahbwoy

Swan Fyahbwoy was born on 15th December 1979. He’s a very famous raggamuffin singer. He sings rap, reggae and dancehall (dancehall is a disco dance, rap and reggae fusion). At the moment, he’s one of the most famous singers in Spain, and a lot of people know him. He has a lot of  songs with other famous singers, in special with some singers of Grimey, a brand of clothes. A lot of people call him comercial because he and other famous singers use Grimey make of clothes and they wear them all, but using a famous make of clothes is very expensive, and they do nice video-clips on their songs. Their most famous songs are “Vida Grimey 1” and “Vida Grimey 2”. I love their songs because I love rap, reggae and dancehall. He became famous 6 years ago, when he did a lot of songs with another singers and his first album “Ni Chance, Ni Try”, and his second album in 2009 “Innadiflames”.

One of my favourite songs is “Ansiedad” with Darmo, of “Mantenlo Ilegal”, Darmo’s album.  His last big job was in SFDK’s album “Lista de Invitados” and his last song was “La sangre derramada” with Moreno.


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