Posted by: sofiagl29 | 08/02/2012


Happiness is made up of small things. We could even make a list of our small tresasures:

-A good health
-Economic stability

-To contemplate daybreak, to breathe pure air, to come out for a walk, to eat with friends, to enjoy listening to music…

Frederick Koenig says: “Happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
Sometimes, we need external eyes to realise of lot of things that we have. When a year ends, there’s no harm in reviseing all aspects of our own life and trying to appreciate them in a better way. We’ll feel more pleased. We should value life the way it is, be more conscious of what we have got and try to think only in things that make us feel well.
We should forget jealousy too. If we want what people have, we’ll waste energy that stops us from valueing things that we’ve already got. If we prevent this behaviour, this will make us gain self-esteem.
It is important to focus on present: every day is a new oportunity. We shouldn’t focus only on material goods, even though to buy a new car or a dress that we like can build our hopes up, we should bear in mind that material goods will never satisfy us completely.
“Although we‘ve got our wardrobes full, our heart can be empty.”
And above all, we should learn to value our successes, it isn’t necessary to win a Nobel to be pleased with yourself. Any small step forward can be a cause of satisfaction.
Life is like a river. We are concentrated in obstacles that we meet in the way of life and we don’t stop to contemplate the landscape. Sometimes it’s necessary to learn to stop and to enjoy all the beautiful things around us.


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