Posted by: airam14 | 28/01/2012

An Incredible Journey 5

The inspector looked at John and said:

-You must be quiet or I will have to arrest you.

He was a tall, thin man with pale skin. He had brown hair and deep, blue eyes. He was over 50 years old and he was so serious all the time. John was really afraid of him, so when they arrived at the police station John started to cry. The inspector took him to a white room. Inside, there was a man and a woman who started to ask questions to John. He answered all the questions and explained his circumstances to them. After all of this, he was so nervous he fainted away.

When he woke up, he saw that he was in another room. This room was white too, but it seemed like… yes! He was at the hospital! He started to call someone and the first person who came in the room… was his grandma!!

-Grandma!! Oh my god!! What are you doing here? Where I am and why??

-Oh, honey, you are at the hospital because of your faint. How are you?

His grandma was talking to him with a smile on her face but, when he asked her about the police station and everything that had happened, she said seriously:

-We will talk about what you did, ok? – then she recovered her smile.- But now you must rest. Your grandfather is in the café, because he was here all night.

-All night!! How long have I been here?

-Very long…

click here to read the whole story


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