Posted by: cars13 | 04/01/2012


There was a lot of birds. Black birds. I was in a dark forest. I began to walk slowly and I didn’t know why I had fear. I remember it. I was eleven years old. I walked and walked, and suddenly, I saw a ligth.
In that moment, I ran to it. But I had an intuition. I felt a strange thing. I came back to that place, and… and I saw it. I saw a wolf. It was enormous. Its hair was white… well I could hardly see but I could see its yellow eyes.
I couldn’t breath. The animal saw me. Oh my God! I could even see its pupils. Suddenly, the birds flew over my head. I shouted. I could only think about the wolf, I was feeling sick…
I opened my eyes, and I saw myself… on the bed, I smiled. It had been a dream.


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