Posted by: albacame | 03/01/2012

The best for the baby

Is it better to feed your baby son or daughter with breast milk or with infant formulas? There are two sides to the argument.
One of the main advantages of breastfeeding is that it is cheap because you don’t have to buy it. Research has shown that breast milk lowers the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and childhood leukemia,  it increases intelligence and babies may not have so many infections. In fact, the World Health Organization suggests breastfeeding our infant for the first six months after birth. It also reduces post-partum bleeding.
Nevertheless, there are many women who don’t breastfeed their babies because they think it’s uncomfortable and their breast can lose their beautiful shape. Another argument is that if the mother has any comunicable diseases, they are transmitted to the baby.
All in all, breastfeeding is healthy for the baby and the mother, although infant formulas are a more comfortable way of feeding. I strongly believe that all mothers should breastfeed their babies because research has shown it helps mother and child.


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