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An Incredible Journey 4

John was very sad. He didn’t know what to do. The shop’s girl saw that John didn’t have any money to pay for the bottle of water, so she invited him. John was very grateful but he soon realized that in the wallet which had been stolen from him, he had his passport and the grandparent’s adress. The young man returned to the street and he decided to become a beggar in order to get some money. He only wanted to live and to find his grandparents.

After a few days he didn’t have any money, then he started to steal with others beggars. One day, John tried to steal a wallet from a man, but he got a big surprise because that man was a plain-clothes detective inspector. The inspector took John to the police station. John was very frightened and he shouted:

– I’m not a thief, I only want to live and find my grandparents!

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