Posted by: andrea1b | 10/12/2011

Inline Hockey

Inline hockey was born with the idea of playing hockey in the summer, but as there was no ice in those times, they decided to practice it with inline skates.

It closely resembles ice hockey, but with a smaller track. There are other differences between ice hockey and inline hockey, as in inline hockey less contact is permitted and carrying is prohibited, and also the protections are fewer and lighter.

Protections are very important. Each player must wear mandatorily: a helmet, some elbow pads, two gloves, some shin pads, protective pants. Unlike ice hockey, shoulder pads are not necessary. Players must also wear skates and a stick. Goalkeepers must wear even more protections.

Inline hockey is a very popular sport in the USA, and they are the second best country in the world, the first being Canada.

It’s also a very popular sport in Spain, where several leagues are played. Men’s and women’s Elite League, with ten teams each. And a National League, male, divided into gold and silver, with ten teams each too.

I must say that the best team in Europe plays in Spain, it’s CPLV, from Valladolid. I want to play there some day, and become a professional.


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