Posted by: beaad | 08/12/2011


Exchanges between students of different ages are frequent. If the exchange is between different countries with different languages and culture, it is more interesting. I think that the students must be aware of the aim of the exchange. It’s an experience to have fun, enjoy  and make a lot of friends, but it’s a way to learn a lot too. It isn’t necessary to bring a notebook and write down everything you hear or see, but you can realise that there are a lot of interesting things around you that you can benefit from.
When I travelled to France on an exchange that was a little special, I was really lost for the first days. I hadn’t studied French for two years and I had forgotten a lot of things. While my French family was speaking, I heard and I started to remember. After a few days, I could say in French what I wanted to say, or explain it, if I didn’t know the proper word. I didn’t write every new word anywhere, I simply tried to benefit as much as possible from the time I’ve been there.
I learnt a lot about the culture and the customs too. Although it was a little frightening at the beginning, I would repeat it. In the end it wasn’t as bad as it seems. I recommend everyone to do something like that because it is a funny way to learn a lot and meet different people.


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