Posted by: sabee13 | 07/12/2011

One of my Stories

Two years ago I had an experience that I will never forget, when I was spending some days in Venice (Italy), where I had travelled. We were enjoying at a Disco but I got tired and decided to go back to the hotel. My friends wanted to go on. So I left the disco alone.

I knew that I had to walk for about fifteen minutes. I started to walk but the time was passing and I couldn’t find the hotel because all the streets were similar, I mean, identical, the hotel where we were staying was the same as the others and the only difference was its name. As I passed by a Hotel called “Jacinto” four times. I began to feel fear and I was thinking of my mother constantly saying : “Sabela, don’t walk on your own in Italy at night”. After a while I realised that it was only one o’clock and there was nobody in the street.

Later, I decided to phone my friend at the hotel, I explained that I had got lost and I couldn’t find the way back to the hotel. Suddenly I saw my teachers walking so I began running towards them and explained what had happened, then they told me the way back to the hotel.


  1. I travel a lot and I think that Venice is the easiest place to get lost.


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