Posted by: LuCHy | 06/12/2011

My First Trip to France

I’ll never forget my first trip to France and my first trip out of Spain. It was last week. I was really nervous and very happy too. We were fourteen people because we were twelve students and two teachers. It was a trip to start a European Project.
We took a lot of transports: bus, plane, train and underground too. We arrived at the train station in Saint-Malo (the place we were going to) and  there we could see our families waiting to receive us. We visited a lot of cities near Saint-Malo: Dinan, Alet, Dinard, and  Mount Saint-Michel, very famous there. And, of course, we visited the walled city of Saint-Malo.

We were a little sad for leaving that place and leaving some friends that we made there. I had a very good time there and it was a very special week too!
We stopped for 6 hours approximately in Paris the day we were coming back to Spain. We can saw Notre-Dame cathedral,  Louvre museum, Tower Eiffel, Arch of Triumph and Champs Elysées. We arrived in Lugo really tired!


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