Posted by: noeeemi | 05/12/2011

Rock and Roll

Rock is a musical form of the 20th century in which different musical forms are born from Rock and Roll. This music is played with guitars, drums, bass guitars, etc.

The first Rock was derived from Blues, Rhythm and Blues and Country, but also Gospel, Jazz and Folk. Rock was fast, catchy and dance music.

In the 50s, Elvis Presley or  the King of Rock was the most world-famous singer. His first song was ”That’s all right Mama”, and it’s regarded the first song of  Rock’n’Roll.

The Beatles and Rolling Stones were the most famous musical bands in the 60s.

Later, in the 70s, Black Sabbath, Queen, Deep Purple and Blue Cheer began to combine other musical forms and they made a new form of Rock: Heavy Metal.

Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince had a lot of hits in the 80s. At the same time Bruce Springsteen was considered ”the future of Rock and Toll” or “the Boss”.

And Nirvana with their hit ”Nevermind” revolutioned the form and the Alternative Rock emerged in the 90s.


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