Posted by: sofiagl29 | 04/12/2011

Make Mine Music

Music goes with humans since the beginning of life and it can turn into a useful tool for developing children’s personality in a positive way. Several studies confirm that in general children who are used to the sounds of  music and grew in a nice environment are more calm and friendly, they’ve got a great imagination and the’re curious and sensitive.

On the other hand, it is known that children raised in a musical atmosphere have then a special ease to assimilate maths and languages and their first words are more fluid.

Another advantage of the early contact with music is children develop their linguistic ability, their intelligence and their talent for imitation more easily.

Before his birth, a child can perceive sounds in the outward world, because the sense of the ear is the first to develop. If during pregnancy the mother wants her baby to take their first steps in music, then she’ll be able to receive her benefits. During their first months,  lullabies will be very important because they will tune their ear.

Anyway, we can’t pressure or force a child, because this can create a rejection for music. A child  should only advance in this area with freedom. But if a child is acquainted with music from an early stage, the complicated study of music theory will be easier for them and they’ll take it as a personal gratification.


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