Posted by: lorelb | 28/10/2011


I’ve dreamt of going to Italy since I was a child, but I’ve never been there because I’ve not saved enough money, so far…

I can’t explain why I like it so much, but I think that my wish started when I watched a TV repot about Rome. Its museums, its ruins, its history… everything was (and is) really exciting!

From that moment I began to read about Italy and looked for images from that country, I don’t know how, but I fell in love with it! Thanks to reading about all of this, I discovered that there are ancient roman ruins in Spain, too, in cities like Mérida or Tarragona (there are more, but I don’t remenber where, right now), Roman circuses and Roman theatres are perfectly preserved because they took part in our history, and it’s really curious how all these buildings have beared weather changes or people taking some of their stones to build new buildings without falling down (like our Roman wall, thousands of cars drive around it along the day and it’s still standing)

But… to tell you the truth, I want to go to Italy because Valentino Rossi, comes from there, and I love him since I was a child, I’m his number one fan 😀


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