Posted by: suadu | 22/06/2011

Sahara and Morocco

Sahara was inhabited by tribes that lived looking after groups of camels and other domestic animals. They traded around Sahara with other places of Africa and they were in peace. Then Sahara was an antique Spanish colony and in 1975 when the dictator of Spain Francisco Franco was dead, Spain, Morocco and Mauritania signed the Madrid agreement, leaving Sahara to both Morocco and Mauritania, moving in to annex the territory of Western Sahara.

Now they have problems with Morocco, but it doesn’t mean that the people from Sahara and Morocco hate each other because it is a political problem, nothing else.

ABLA: I think Morocco and Sahara need to be in peace and be friends, because a lot of inocent people are dying at the moment, because there is a war.

SUADU: I think the problem must be solved in a long time, because this situation can only go worse. I always say I don’t lose hope. Moroccan and Saharawis have to be in peace…

[by abliitha42 & suadu]



  1. suadu!!!
    A day has passed and I miss you !! 😦
    I hope you come soon! 😉

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