Posted by: aalvaroo | 15/06/2011

Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg was one of my favourite rappers in the world, and one of the best. His cousin is Snoop Dogg, another of the best rappers and one of the most famous rappers.

His real name is Nathaniel Dawayne Hale. He was born in Long Beach, Los Ángeles on the 19th of August 1969 and he died last March.

In 1991 he was in a crew with Snoop Dogg and Warren G: “213”. Their first album was published in 2004, too late, after recording “The hard way”

In 1994 he produced his first hit: Regulate, feat Warren G.

In 1998  he produced his first album with the corp Breackaway Records: G-funk Classics, Vol. 1 and Vol.2. In 2001 he continues with “Music & Me”, with the corp Elektra Records.

In 2007 he had a cerebrovascular accident, so his body was paralyzed, but the doctors said that his voice wasn’t damaged.  In 2008 he had another cereblovascular accident.

Nate Dogg was prepared to do his second album, but he died of a stroke. You can look for more information about this musician on the wikipedia.


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