Posted by: Maryi | 08/06/2011

* The Types of Music *

musicMusic is the art of organizing a coherent combination of sounds and silences by using the fundamental principles of melody, harmony and rhythm. There are many types of music, for example: Rock, Rap, Reggae, Pop, Techno, Electronica, Reggaeton, Blues, Jazz, Pop-Rock, Ska, Punk, Rock and roll, Heavy, Hip-hop, Classical music… etc. I love music… I listen to songs, some are very boring. I like listening to  Rock,  Rock and roll, Rap, Reggae, Pop, Pop rock, Techno and some Reggaeton songs. I hate people that criticize other people that listen to different types of  music that are not very much listened to. In my opinion nobody must criticize other people, because… we all have different likes.


  1. I like all types of music, rock and jazz are my favorite, because I think they are different from others: jass and rock have evolved a troughout history, and aren´t the same now or those of the 20th century. I like them very much now, because they are most modern, with more movement.
    All the music deserves to be heard, even the poorest.

  2. I agree with you in that ALL THE MUSIC deserves to be heard. I like your opinion because you aren’t as the others that think that some songs are boring, only because they are not fashionable.
    I didn’t know you liked rock and jazz, but respect their likes (there’s no accounting for taste… or in Spanish “para gustos, colores”:D )
    I like rock although I also like some songs of rap or reggae… (And although I like rock, this doesn’t mean that if I like a type of music I can’t like another type of music)

    Thanks very much for your opinion 😉


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