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hope for PalestineHanna is fifteen years old, she was born in Palestine (Jerusalem) and she has got a lot of problems with her family, because she doesn’t accept to go to Spain to study. Hanna prefers to stay with the person who she loves, but his parents want all the best for Hanna and they think that in Palestine, where there is a war, young people don’t have a future in these conditions and must go abroad to search for a living. Hanna respects her parents and she thinks, that they are right, but she doesn’t lose the hope. Hanna has got one brother and one sister. The eldest is Ahmed, he works in an Israeli factory. His bosses are very unpleasant and they menace him frequently, but at home he says that they are fantastic. Mariem has been married for a few years. She is very funny and she is the best sister in the world (Hanna thinks Mariem is compassionate and she understands her sister’s situation). Leila is her friend. She lives with her mother and her stepfather because her father died in the war. Leila’s economic situation isn’t good. Some days, they don’t have any food, but their neighbours help the family in a gesture of solidarity. Omar is her boyfriend. He is an orphan and he sells “chemical substances”. It is his job. Hanna doesn’t know it. On Saturday night, Hanna’s father went to the supermarket to buy some food and he didn’t return. All the family was very nervous and worried, but the night is dangerous and they didn’t go out to search for him. Thirty minutes later, the telephone rang. Ahmed answered the call. It was a man, he was Hanna’s father kidnapper. Hanna went secretly to Leila’s and Omar’s house. She took Omar and Leila with her and she went to search for her father. Two years have passed, and nobody has any news about them. This is the story of a lot of people from Palestine.


  1. I like your story, this is really surprising … Why didn’t you submit this story for the Contest? You would probably have won 🙂

  2. Thank you very much, but I don’t like contests. I always think that I write ridiculous stories… I devote a long time to topics of which I speak, but I write very bad English. 😦

  3. I also write English very badly, but I like learning new languages and that’s why I have to practise…
    You practice very well, because you do stories that need a long time and in this time you learn a lot of words.
    Continue practicing, that will lead you to know English very well!!! 😉

  4. I think that Hanna should go to Spain because there aren’t jobs in Palestine.I think her boyfriend should go with her.

  5. I don’t like the situation in Plaestine.It’s very dangerous and you can’t be safe.The police and politicians are not good, and the government kill people because they have different opinions.

  6. You are right, because the people in Palestine are very wrong.We have to do something to change the life in Palestine, because people watch the situation, but they don’t do anything. Politicians are things of decoration….
    Hope is the last thing that we lose.

  7. Thanks Maryi, I will continue practising…..but you can see my maks in French and English, they are very low. bufff
    But I don´t worry, because I will work a lot.

  8. what do you think if we choose science? … I will think 😉


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