Posted by: suadu | 06/06/2011

Education System

The education system in Spain is very good, because everybody has an opportunity to study. And this is something you can’t find in most countries. It is a luxury that many don’t value.

Still, there is one problem in Spain: TEACHERS. There are a four types of teachers:

UNDERSTANDING: unfortunately, the minority. Those who always encourage you, when you have a problem.

SERIOUS: they only miss to bring a whip to class and I’m not exaggerating. This is the truth.

FUNNY: they are your mates. They make the class funny and quick: these teachers aren’t a lot.

UNPLEASANT:  they are, to say it in a sweet way, thick. They have problems and they have it in for the pupils. They consider reports fashionable. They are always the victims and the students are the villains. This is the type of teachers that are always right (since they have the authority). The law says it and it is necessary to make injustice last. I hope that laws change.

It is my opinion, but I respect the opinions of other students that don’t think in the same way.


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