Posted by: peace | 02/06/2011

Alicia In Wonderland 1

My name is Alicia, I am sixteen years old. I live in an apartament with my brother. His name is Blood and he’s  nineteen years old, he goes to university and he has a job. His appearance is very different from mine for example his hair is black, his eyes are green and he is very tall too; but I’m  tall (I guess) my eyes are blue and my hair is fair.

Well, at my high school I have many friends, my best friends are Fly, Aoi, Sammy and Rin & Len (they are twins). Fly is very interesting because she’s  in a music group and they are a famous band here. Her appearance is very different from other students’, her eyes are purple and her hair is purple too. She braids her hair in two pigtails.

Aoi has lived here all her life but her family are japanesse that’s why she speaks Japanese very well. She’s so popular because she’s so beatiful; her eyes are different colours: blue (her right eye) and green (her left eye), her hair is a dark brown. Well she’s very competitive and jealous but she’s friendly and social too.

Sammy is very strong and fast that’s why she’s in the judo club and she wins many adwards in competitions. She’s funny, friendly and very happy. Her eyes are blue and her hair is light brown.

Rin & Len are very similar, of course, because they are twins they are both smaller than me. Their eyes are green and their hair is blond. They are funny and they are very curious too. We have a great time together because they are great.


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