Posted by: cvisualgg | 30/05/2011

A Strange Story 18

We were going to Alcobendas, a small city near Barajas Airport, where my father lived. We said to the taxi driver that a man was chasing us, so he went speeding on the freeway. When we arrived in Alcobendas we thought that Mr. Robin couldn’t keep up with us, so we went to the address that my father had sent to my mother.

When we arrived there we paid the taxi driver and we rang the doorbell impatiently… There was no answer… We knocked at the door strongly… There was no answer… We were very surprised. My mother phoned my father… There was no answer… Something strange was happening. My father knew that my mother and I were going to go to Alcobendas that day, and he wasn’t at home.

Suddenly somebody opened the door and disappeared. We came into the house. There was nobody there. We heard a strange noise and we tried to escape, but the door was closed and we couldn’t open it.

Then a man started to talk in our language, we looked at him and…

click here to read the whole story


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