Posted by: mn96 | 25/05/2011

Ice Scream

Ice Scream is the new name of the old band “Manzanilla“, formed by Jorge (lead guitarist), Nacho (rythmn guitarist) and me (keyboardist). Jorge and me thought about the future of Nacho, because he doesn’t like heavy metal music, and he criticized us because our songs weren’t so good for him.

He says that he plays the guitar, but he only knows the chords, and he can’t play anything. So Jorge and me decided that Nacho must leave.

Then, Jorge and me thought that the name of the band could be Ice Scream (’cause Rammstein was already taken).

We’re looking for a singer, but it is imposible to find someone who sings well. We’re also looking for a drummer, but now, we’re making easy songs to start our career.


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