Posted by: airam14 | 23/05/2011

A Strange Story 15

I couldn’t believe it!! Mr. Robin was a drug dealer and a batterer and, the worst thing he had done, he had hit my mum. Because of that I REALLY hated him. I thought I had to call the police, but my mum begged me and I didn’t do it. She told me that Mr. Robin threatened and forced her to break up with my dad and come back to him. When I heard this, I was so happy: my mum and my dad were in love!! The only problem was that Mr. Robin was a really bad person, and he had me and my mum threatened. We needed help and the only person that could help us was my dad, and he was in Spain.

When my mum was telling me everything, I looked at the door and I saw Mr. Robin. He was spying on us!! Suddenly, he ran into the room and he pounced on my mum. I started to hit him with all my strength and, finally, he let go of my mum. I pushed him out of the room, I closed the door and I put the bolt across. I looked to my mum. She was OK, but we were very frightened. We thought he was drugged…

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