Posted by: BelenEncabo | 11/05/2011

Chewing gum!

chewing gumYes, this post is about chewing gum! Oh, what a surprise! Chewing gum is a kind of food that is chewed but not swallowed. Its taste is very good and you can make a lot of  forms with it. There are chewing gums with different tastes: strawberry, mint, watermelon, chlorophyll, lemon, cherry, etc. My favourite tastes are watermelon or strawberry!

Our English teacher hates chewing gum, he hates when his pupils eat it. He makes us throw it to the wastepaper basket.

Dentists advise not to chew gum because it is bad for our teeth. But a lot of people, like me, don’t obey them. Chewing gum is a temptation! 😀



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