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A Strange Experience

1st prize, 2nd cycle, III English Literary Contest 

My name is Kristy. I’m fourteen years old and I’ve got a little brother. His name is Aaron and he’s six years old.

One week ago, my parents had a dinner with some friends and they couldn’t miss it. It was Friday and I had to look after my brother. It was horrible, ‘cause I couldn’t go out with my friends. I tried to persuade my parents, but it was impossible.

They went out at half past nine: I was alone with my brother on Friday night. He is six years old, so we could only see comedy films. I like them, too.

We were watching a film, when something unusual happened. Someone screamed somewhere. We were really scared, but I tried to calm my brother:

– It was in the film. -I said.

But he was nervous (like me). Thirty minutes later, we heard the terrible scream again. It was like a horrible voice of an old woman, but at this moment it was different; it sounded so near… Aaron and I were very frightened and he began to cry. I tried to calm him but it was impossible. We thought that our neighbours were screaming. We didn’t understand why they were screaming, but we didn’t know them because they were new at the house.

-They’re strange -we thought.

We went to bed at twelve o’clock, but we couldn’t sleep because of the screams. I was angry with our neighbours and I went downstairs to talk to them. I went with Aaron, ‘cause he didn’t want to stay alone (he was scared).

When we saw our neighbours, we looked surprised. They were like a happy family: the mother was short and plump, and she always had a smile on her face; the father was tall, thin and looked hard-working, but he always had a smile, too. They had a son and a daughter. I don’t remember their names, but they were very friendly and nice. They invited us to come in their home and we came in. We talked to them and, when I asked them about the screams, they looked different. Their faces changed.

-It was on TV –the mother said seriously.

Then, the father escorted us to our home and said “Goodnight”. He looked angry.

Aaron and I were surprised, but at this time we could sleep.

Next morning, we told our parents all that had happened the night befor. They looked us seriously.

-It’s a bad joke, Kristy –my mother said-. I didn’t think that of you.

-What? –I asked surprised.

-You know that our neighbours died a week ago in a traffic accident –my father explained me.

-That’s impossible!! –I replied.

-It was horrible. We heard that the woman screamed a lot after the accident, but she finally died.

I went to my bedroom and told my little brother. We forgot it, but now every night we hear horrible screams next to us. My brother thinks that it’s the wind or something like that. I know it is not the wind. I know that it is the “happy family”, well, the woman of the happy family… Do you understand me?


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