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Bad Luck

2nd prize, 2nd cycle, III English Literary Contest

Hi! My name is Jack; I’m in jail, and before I commit suicide I’m going to write my story here.

I was born in Edinburgh; I didn’t know my father, because he separated from my mother before I was born, but when I was four years old, my mum got married again.

Since she got married, I saw that she was very sad and that she had a lot of bruises, but I never thought that my stepfather was the culprit.

One day, when I was nine years old, I heard a cry; I went to my parents’ bedroom and I saw that my stepfather was stabbing my mother; it was terrible!

I went to the police office and I told them everything that had happened. My mother died and the police didn’t find my stepfather.

The police put me in an orphanage where I was the new boy and everybody picked on me, they hit me, they insulted me, they cheated me, etc. It was dreadful!

Four years later, James came to the orphanage, he was my best friend when we were seven years old, he was tall and strong, everybody was afraid of him. So everybody started to respect me. We were the orphanage kings. I grew a lot, everybody was afraid of me, because I was strong and tall at this time.

When we were eighteen years old, we left the orphanage. I never saw James

again; some people say that he’s died, but I really don’t know.

I tried to find a job, but I didn’t find it. I made new “friends” and I became a drug addict, my “friend” gave me the opportunity to be a dealer and I accepted the work.

I worked for eleven years in this job until the police caught me selling drugs.

They imprisoned me and here I am.

I’ve got confrontations with the other prisoners.

I hooked on drugs, I can’t leave it; my “friends” send me heroin trough secret channels. I’m ill, I’m feverish everyday and when I haven’t got drugs I’m too aggressive and I get into a panic.

Maybe in two or three years I can come out of jail, but I haven’t got parents, I haven’t got good friends, I haven’t got a job, I don’t know where my family is…

I’m very sad and I’m ill; the jail is absolutely appalling… I’ve had enough! I have a rope, so I’m going to commit suicide…

My life has been terrible, now I’m only thirty years old; I would like not have to do this, but… I have to do this… I’m going to hang myself.

I think that it is better to die than to live in these conditions.

So… bye!


Jack Williams, a good person that couldn’t enjoy his life.


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